Meredith Day 3D Dimensional
Photography & Graphics

Dimensional Art Direction, Photography, Graphics, 3D Conversion and Printing Since 1985
Photographer/Inventor Meredith Day holds multiple utility and design patents including large format 3D Portrait Cameras
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Somewhere Within by Richard Chamberlain
Richard Chamberlain
"Somewhere Within"

Gaudi Chandelier By Robert Neumann
Robert Neuman
"Gaudi Chandelier"

Flying Bird by George Kleiman
George Kleiman
"Flying Bird"

Clouds By mereddith Day
Meredith Day

Dalhan Netsch
Dahlan Netsch

Wonders Wait Deep In The Ocean By Dr. Emily Meek
Dr. Emily Meek
"Wonders Wait Deep in The Ocean"

Nina Vox - Exit The Coward
Nina Vox
Exit The Coward

Alan Aldridge - Ganesh
Alan Aldrige

Meredith Day - The Comittee
Meredith Day
The Comittee

Dr. Emily Meek - Somewhere Deep Within The Ocean
Dr. Emily Meek
Somewere Deep Under The Ocean

Dwight DeReiter - Wish
Dwight DeReiter
Robert Neuman - Gaudi Chandelier
Robert Neuman
Gaudi Chandelier

Kurt Wenner - Gluttony
Kurt Wenner

Nina Vox - Marilyn Monroe
Nina Vox
Marilyn Monroe

Joyce wycoff - Unsung Artist
Joyce Wycoff
Unsing Artist

Meredith Day - Vegetables
Meredith Day